Winter Gloves That Are Compatible with iPods!

Winter Gloves That Are Compatible with iPods!


Brrr… It’s starting to get pretty cold around these parts, so you’ll want to bundle up before you head out into that winter weather. Unfortunately, as soon as you slip on just about any pair of gloves, your nearly frozen fingers cease to work with the click wheel on your Apple iPod. The “click” still works, but the “scroll” does not.

Allowing you to keep your paws warm and operate your favorite portable music player are these new gloves from tavo. They appear to be just as effective for keeping your hands nice and warm, but unlike nearly every other set of gloves on the market, these have been designed to work just fine with the touch-sensitive click wheel on your iPod.

I can’t say for sure, but if these gloves are iPod-friendly, I fathom that they would also work with other touch-sensitive devices and items with touchscreens, like the Apple iPhone or any myriad of Samsung MP3 players. Those usually don’t work when you’re wearing gloves, because of the technology involved.

The PlayPoint technology used in these tavo gloves bypasses this situation, so you can continue jamming to your tunes and answering your phone calls. Find it online for $25, but if you want it in time for a Christmas gift, you’d better act soon. Holiday shipping from anywhere is notoriously unreliable.