Nab the LG Dare Touchscreen Phone for Free

Nab the LG Dare Touchscreen Phone for Free


Wow, the market for touchscreen cell phone supremacy is really starting to heat up and while some folks are trying to compete with better features, the almighty dollar can be very persuasive as well. Not so interested in spending hundreds of dollars just to get a mobile phone with a touchscreen? This deal might be for you.

While this is the same place where you can buy an HTC Touch Diamond or the new BlackBerry Storm, Telus Mobility also has a much cheaper touchscreen phone for you to consider. The LG Dare launched with the Canadian cellular provider a short while ago, getting you to fork out $99.99 with a contract to get your mitts on one.

Well, Telus has slashed the price. No, they haven’t slashed it in half. They completely disintegrated it down to just $0.00. Not surprisingly, this deal is only available to new customers who choose to latch themselves down to a three-year prison term service agreement and it must include a “$20 bundle or higher and keep the feature on their account for at least 3 months.”

Yes, only three months. Even if you ditch the bundle after that time, you would have only spent an extra $60 that you may not have spent otherwise, still representing a good savings on this phone. The “free with contract” deal on the LG Dare will be offered through Telus until Christmas Day.