HTC Selling Unlocked G1 Android Phone For Real

HTC Selling Unlocked G1 Android Phone For Real


In order to properly develop applications for the Apple iPhone, you should probably have an iPhone yourself to test them out. The trouble, of course, is that you need to sign a contract with AT&T or Rogers in order to officially get your hands on one of those handsets. It seems that HTC and Google don’t want to put up the same kinds of barriers for their increasingly popular Android phone.

Yes, you can hop on over to T-Mobile and get yourself the T-Mobile G1 at a subsidized price, but what if all you want to do is develop apps for the phone? Well, a special unlocked developer version of the HTC Dream G1 is now available and it really doesn’t cost any more than an out-of-contract phone from T-Mobile directly. The upside is that it comes factory unlocked, so you can use it with whatever GSM provider that you’d like. Yes, that includes us Canucks as well.

The developer version of the HTC G1 will retail for $399, but you’ll need to pay the one-time registration fee of $25 to get into the Android Market. If you are, in fact, developing applications for the Android platform, you’ll need to register anyhow. Also, while this “developer’s version” is meant for developers, there’s nothing stopping other enthusiasts from taking this route as well.

Remember, this G1 will be 100% SIM and hardware unlocked, so you can flash whatever ROMs you would like. Just bear in mind that you will not be receiving any technical support from HTC or T-Mobile as a result, but that’s a small price to pay for a fully authorized and totally unlocked G1. Shipping within the United States is free, but they’ll send the touchscreen- and QWERTY-equipped handset to 18 different regions around the world.

Too bad Fido and Rogers don’t support the same 3G bands as T-Mobile. Otherwise, I’d be very tempted to jump on board with this deal.