Why You Want to Replace the MSI Wind Touchpad

Why You Want to Replace the MSI Wind Touchpad


Are you all excited about getting a brand new MSI Wind netbook for Christmas? Well, one of the first things you may want to do is to bust that sucker open and replace the touchpad. Blasphemy, you say? Why would you immediately dismantle a brand new gift from your tech-savvy auntie Florence?

As it turns out, MSI has been busy swapping out the touchpads on more recent shipments of the MSI Wind. Original models had a touchpad sourced by Synaptics, so you were able to scroll through web browser windows by simply sliding your finger along the end of the scroll pad. This was pretty convenient.

The newer models, however, come equipped with a Sentellic touchpad instead. The key difference is not in physical appearance or relative level of response, but the fact that these new touchpads lack the ability to let you stroke your finger to scroll through windows. Instead, making your way through a webpage is done by hitting specified “tap zones.” Tap your finger to make it scroll up or down. If that’s the case, you might as well use the arrow keys on the keyboard!

Thankfully, switching one touchpad for the other will only cost you about eight bucks and a little bit of time. Be forewarned though, that this installation is not for the feint of heart. That said, if you’ve cracked open a laptop before to upgrade RAM and perform other similar tasks, switching out the tappy Sentellic touchpad for a gliding Synaptics one should be a relatively straightforward process.

A comprehensive tutorial has been posted at MSI Wind Forums, so check it out and see if it’s worth your time and effort.