More Pink Options from Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

More Pink Options from Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones


Silver? Black? How about white? Some people just aren’t satisfied with the usual palette when it comes to cell phone colors, so that’s why Sony Ericsson is expanding its offering of handsets in pink. It’s not like Sony Ericsson is creating all new phones with a rosy hue, however, as these are existing models that just happened to get a new paint job.

Shown here are the Sony Ericsson T303, T700, and W595. Even though they all take on the pinkish hue, they have all received a slightly different shade of pink. You will find the Sony Ericsson T303 is the much bolder “Cherry Pink”, whereas the Sony Ericsson T700 gets “Shining Pink” for a more subdued look. Rounding out the trio is the “Peachy Pink” W595 Walkman phone.

If you’re looking for just the right holiday gift for the girly girl in your life, any one of these cell phones would be a pretty suitable option. Unfortunately, they won’t be ready in time for Santa Claus to make his rounds, as SE won’t be shipping the new pink variants of the T303, T700, and W595 until the first quarter of this year.

Well, that’s note completely true. They’re making a push to get the pink Sony Ericsson T303 before the year wraps up. If you can’t find it, I’m sure your loved one will be just as happy with a pink RAZR, right? RAZRs are still cool, aren’t they? 🙂