Fujitsu Wants to Give You a Free Laptop Every Three Years

Fujitsu Wants to Give You a Free Laptop Every Three Years


It can be quite challenging (an expensive) to stay on top of the technological curve and it seems that Fujitsu is feeling your pain. That’s why Fujitsu is launching a new program that can effectively give you a brand new laptop every three years. For free.

The new program, which is either called LifeBook4Life, really brings new meaning to the Fujitsu LifeBook like of notebook PCs. Instead of buying a single laptop, you effectively buy into a program that gets you a a new laptop every three years for the rest of your life.

When you buy a Fujitsu LifeBook and buy the three-year extended warranty, you can enroll into the program. At the conclusion of those three years, assuming that you haven’t completely obliterated your notebook, Fujitsu will give you a new laptop that holds the same value as your original, plus 10% to cover inflation.

What’s not so clear about this program is what Fujitsu means by the “same value as your original.” The optimist in me would say that this is your original purchase price, but the realist in me makes me think that Fujitsu is just buying your used laptop back for the current market price for that used laptop. You buy a new Fujitsu for $2000, but it’ll be worth much less than that in three years.

If my optimistic viewpoint actually holds up to be true, you’ve got to wonder how Fujitsu would go about making money with this program. Do they sell you additional services? I’d assume that you have to buy that three-year warranty every time, so maybe that’s pricier than what you’d expect?

In any case, you can find out more on Fujitsu’s official website for LifeBook4Life.