Samsung Launches Smartphones for BizBees in Europe

Samsung Launches Smartphones for BizBees in Europe


Well, aren’t you a busy bee, running in between meetings and firing innumerable emails to your clients? Samsung knows that you work hard for your money and that’s why they’ve got a brand that acknowledges your very existence. If you live and work in Europe, that is.

To better cater to business and enterprise customers, Samsung is set to create a new business smartphone brand in Europe called BizBee. As you can imagine, this name is derived from the age-old “busy bee” term, as well as “biz” meaning business. Pretty clever? That’s debatable.

The BizBee brand is targeted toward the busy executive, “who requires a business mobile that offers optimum performance, 24/7, from any location.” The branding is meant to drive more attention toward the business-end of Samsung’s business, because I guess most people associate the cell phone brand with slim music phones and fashionable handsets.

All phones that will fall under the BizBee umbrella will need to satisfy certain business-oriented criteria, like all-in-one connectivity, heavy email integration, and a full QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung i780 (also known as the Epix) will be the first advertised BizBee phone. Samsung plans on using the slogan “This is my office” in 10 European countries.

I’m not so sure that the BizBee name is such a bright idea, seeing how there is already another heavily business-oriented brand that is known as BB (BlackBerry).