Colorful Honda Speedometer Warns Speed Demons of Their Ills

Colorful Honda Speedometer Warns Speed Demons of Their Ills


Depending on the car, sometimes you just don’t notice how fast you are going unless take a glance down at the speedometer. This isn’t necessarily through any fault of your own, per se. “Honestly, officer, I had no idea I was going 30 miles over the speed limit! I swear!”

In an effort to keep your lead foot in check, Honda is developing a speedometer that changes color as you reach certain thresholds. In this way, you’ll be able to notice your relative speed out of your peripheral vision, rather than having to take your eyes temporarily off the road to take a peek at the speedometer. Honda’s trying to make you a better driver, you see.

Dubbed the Ecological Drive Assist System, the ECON MOde in this technology works with the continuously-variable transmission (CVT) and the engine to “support more fuel-efficient driving.” The speedometer changes color based on your current fuel consumption level, so it’s not so much about speeding as it is about fuel economy. Not surprisingly, when you hammer on the accelerator, you’re using more gas. The two kind of go hand in hand.

If you’re being a good little citizen and driving intelligently, the speedometer will light up green to indicate your slow-and-steady inclination. If you decide to burn some rubber and rip it up on the highway, the speedometer will glow a hot blue. Somehow, I have a feeling that some people will adjust their driving habits just to see the different colors.

In any case, Honda plans on implementing EDAS in the 2009 Honda Insight Hybrid. In the future, it may also be found on the rumored Honda S3000.