Telmap for BlackBerry Wins EMEA Innovation Award

Telmap for BlackBerry Wins EMEA Innovation Award


Since we’re all about convergence these days, it’s not surprising that some mapping software for a smartphone has received an award for doing what it does best. Getting lost and can’t seem to find your way out of downtown? Whip out your BlackBerry, boot up Telmap, and you’ll be heading home in no time. Assuming you can get past the holiday shopper gridiron.

Telmap has been recognized as the most valuable consumer application by the EMEA Alliance Program Innovation Awards in Monaco. Getting the award in the Life on BlackBerry category, Telmap offers some of the best mapping software available on Research in Motion’s line of business (and consumer) oriented smartphones.

An “advanced mobile navigation experience and its technology in mobile” has been offered by Telmap to a number of different service providers from around the world. Some network operators that embed Telmap-based technology into their BlackBerry offerings include Vodafone, Orange, AT&T, Sprint, O2, Carphone Warehouse, and AOL MapQuest.

More specifically, the recently launched BlackBerry Storm comes equipped with a new Find & Go mapping and navigation software package that comes courtesy of Telmap. The application was designed specifically for the unique touchscreen interface on the BlackBerry Storm, so it’s got large icons and it takes full advantage of that big display.