Make a Bold Statement with Colorware-Customized T-Mobile G1

Make a Bold Statement with Colorware-Customized T-Mobile G1


As excited as they may have been about Google Android, some people just weren’t too thrilled with the T-Mobile G1’s color options. That is no longer an issue. Even if you’re digging the new white T-Mobile G1, you can get the smartphone in whatever color combination you’d like thanks to the guys at Colorware.

Yes, the same people who have dash some crazy bold colors onto devices like the MacBook and iPhone 3G have taken the paint bucket to the T-Mobile G1. Colorware, as expected, charges quite a premium for their premium paint jobs, but that’s the price you pay if you want a Google Android phone that looks nothing like your neighbor’s.

The base price for the Colorware customization is $175, though certain colors and designs will run you a heavier premium than that. Naturally, you’ll need to provide the actual cell phone itself, so you can send in the one you already have or you can go and buy a new one to be customized.

The $175 price point seems to only paint the front face of the device, because Colorware is charging an extra $15 if you want new colors for the keyboard, bottom, or back. Get the mega deal with basic colors and you’re looking at $220.

Personally, I’m not a fan of making such a bold statement with my cell phone, but I can see how some more eccentric fashionistas may be so inclined. The blue and orange theme shown here, I must admit, is pretty hot.