Video: Tilt Your Way to Success with MacBook Pro

Video: Tilt Your Way to Success with MacBook Pro


Pac-Man isn’t exactly the newest game in the world, but it’s been giving a whole new spin on a lightly modified Macbook Pro. Instead of using the arrow keys like everyone else, this gamer decided to tilt his Apple noteboook instead.

Just as the iPod touch and Apple iPhone are equipped with accelerometers, it appears that this MacBook Pro is rocking a tilt sensor as well. In this, the player depicted can send that yellow wedge around the stage by simply tilting his MacBook in his chosen direction.

Interestingly, the modder did not make use of a traditional accelerometer (is there such a thing as traditional at this point?), instead making use of the laptop’s built-in sudden motion sensor. The information is then routed to the notebook as MIDI note data for Pac-Man. This is done through something called Bookmotion.

Granted, this kind of development is very much in the early stages at this point, but it could open the window for all sorts of classic gaming opportunities. Wouldn’t it be cool to use your MacBook Pro as a giant motion-sensing controller for Doom? A natural application would be Super Monkey Ball too.