Apple iPhone 3G Actually Slower Than 2G iPod touch

Apple iPhone 3G Actually Slower Than 2G iPod touch


Although I own neither device, if I were to pick one up, I’d easily lean toward getting the iPhone, because at least it could pull double duty as my cell phone too. Well, choosing between the iPhone 3G and the second-gen iPod touch just got a little more difficult, because it seems that the latter has a performance edge over the former.

That’s right. The 2nd-gen iPod touch is actually faster than the iPhone 3G. This can partly be explained by the lack of the cellular doo-dahs and the digital camera found in the iPhone, so the iPod touch has a little more wiggle room to focus on what it can do.

The TouchSports Tennis 3D game was recently released through the App Store, and mobile developer Handheld Games Corp said that the performance is notably different between the iTouch and the iPhone. More specifically, the iPod touch can better handle the higher-end 3D graphics than the iPhone, so the developer tweaked the program with specific optimizations so that it could run consistently on every device.

A little detail flew under the radar when the 2nd-generation iPod touch was announced. Most people heard about the Nike+ integration, but what we may not have heard is that the iPod touch got its processor bumped up to 532MHz. By contrast, the first iPhone, the first iTouch, and the iPhone 3G all have the same 412MHz processor.

According to Handheld Games, the 2nd generation iPod touch is the fastest model “by far” with respect to 3D gaming. I guess Steve Jobs and Apple are pretty serious (and accurate) when they say that the new iTouch is the funnest iPod ever.