Doro Active Senior Cell Phone Looks Like Child’s Play

Doro Active Senior Cell Phone Looks Like Child’s Play


I’ve noticed a couple of cell phone trends these past few years. First, there are more phones that are catering specifically to children. They may have cutesy names like the Firefly and they’re meant to be used by school-aged kids for emergency contact purposes. Second, there are more handsets that are designed specifically for the older set, making the concept of a cell phone a little more agreeable with your technophobic grandpa.

For whatever reason, I’m starting to see that so-called children’s phones and so-called senior’s phones are starting to feature strikingly similar designs. Great examples of this trend are the two Doro HandleEasy models introduced today. Created with ergonomics and simplicity in mind, these two phones for “active seniors” could easily be mistaken for the holiday gifts you’d find at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Both the Doro HandleEasy 330gsm and the HandleEasy 326igsm, as their names imply, are compatible with GSM-based networks and they’re set to launch in the United States. With large easy-to-view displays and large numbers on the keypad, these phones make it easy for even Mole Man to see who’s calling. Doro says that these phones are targeted at baby boomers and active seniors, so these handsets retain the features that they’d use the most while eschewing the complicated features that are more a source of confusion than anything else.

What this means is that you do get a camera, any built-in games, or the ability to surf the web the way that you would with an iPhone or T-Mobile G1. Instead, you are restricted to an FM radio, speakerphone, text messaging, and phone calling. More information can be found at The Doro HandleEasy phones are available in six states.