Buy One Microsoft Zune, Get One Free from Best Buy

Buy One Microsoft Zune, Get One Free from Best Buy


I’m not sure if the same deal is being offered in the United States, but I just got an email saying that Canadian Best Buy stores will effectively give you two Zunes for the price of one. This is a door crasher deal that’ll last a week (or while quantities last), so if you’ve been sitting on the fence about nabbing Microsoft’s music player, you’d better make your decision soon.

This Best Buy promotion is in addition to the recent price cuts announced by Microsoft, so you are really getting a pretty great deal on this iPod competitor. Considering that you’re getting two of them for the same price you’d spend for one similarly-equipped iPod nano, it wouldn’t be hard to part with one as a “free” holiday gift to someone else.

In terms of the details, when you check out the product page on Best Buy’s website, you’ll notice that there is a “special offer” section just below the store stock section. There it states that if you buy the black 16GB Zune for $179.99, you’ll get a free black 4GB Zune.

The only catch is that this offer is not available through brick and mortar locations. Instead, it’s an offer that is only being offered through the Canadian Best Buy website, so you will have to suck it up and pay for shipping. Even so, you are getting a $100 Zune for free, so that’s a pretty good deal. Some people actually prefer the Zune Pad over the iPod’s click wheel, you know.