Apple iPhone 2.2 Firmware Update Now Available

Apple iPhone 2.2 Firmware Update Now Available


With the arrival of each new firmware package from Cupertino comes all sorts of great hopes and expectations. The latest version, iPhone 2.2, is no exception to this tried and true formula. It’s now available for download via iTunes, so the next time you sync your iPhone, you’ll have a chance to get the upgrade.

What can you expect from the iPhone 2.2 update? The most notable inclusion in this update is the introduction of Street View for Google Maps. As you know, the iPhone 3G already has integrated GPS under the hood, so you can already navigate around town with that thing, but now you can actually see where you are going, just as you would on your home computer.

In addition to Google Maps Street View, the iPhone 2.2 firmware update also brings walking and public transportation directions for your Google Maps. Given the recent downturn in the financial world, it’s not surprising that more people are turning to their feet and the subway to get around town. That, and these options are much better for our planet’s health as well.

Going even further, the update also brings the ability to stream and download podcasts directly over a WiFi connection. You’ll still need iTunes and a network connection, but you don’t need to physically tether your iPhone to your MacBook to get the latest podcast content. Rounding up the upgrades are some fixes for call failures and dropped calls.