New Smartphone Combo Plans from Bell Mobility

New Smartphone Combo Plans from Bell Mobility


Competition in the Canadian wireless industry is starting to heat up a little. Whereas Telus is saying that it has “smartphones for all,” Bell Mobility is going to offer some new “Smartphone Combo” plans to attract some attention as well.

It wasn’t that long ago that smartphones, like the BlackBerry line of devices, were catering specifically to the enterprise and corporate markets, but smartphones are very much becoming a mainstream phenomenon these days. You no longer need to work on Wall Street to get something powered by Windows Mobile. You’ve got consumer-oriented devices like Apple iPhone and HTC Diamond, so you’ve got to get consumer-oriented plans as well.

With the introduction of the new “Smartphone Combo” plans from Bell Mobility, people may have the opportunity to get greater value from their smartphones without having to be attached to some kind of corporate account. These may be promotional plans only, however, as they are being offered until the end of this year.

Smartphone Combo 45 ($45) starts off with 250 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, and 500MB of data for email, instant messengers, and mobile web. You also get to add your choice of unlimited incoming, nationwide Fab Five, or 5PM early evenings included as part of the $45 plan.

Stepping up to Smartphone Combo 70 ($70) is similar to the Combo 45, except you get bumped up to 500 daytime minutes, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited data. Topping the range is the Smartphone Combo 100 ($100) for 1250 daytime minutes, evenings and weekends, unlimited text, unlimited data, call display, and voicemail.

And yes, all of these plans will work with the new BlackBerry Storm.