New iPod Shuffle Gets Fashionable as Bangle

New iPod Shuffle Gets Fashionable as Bangle


When Apple held its Let’s Rock event earlier this year, the iPod shuffle somehow got lost in the series of updates. The iPod nano got a shiny new form factor and an accelerometer for your shaking pleasure. The iPod touch got Nike+ integration. What about that poor shuffle? NO love for you?

While this is certainly not an official design coming out of Cupertino, it could offer another way for Apple to get its iPod line into our digital lifestyles. Dreamed up by Isamu Sanada, this is the iPod Shuffle Bracelet.

Naturally, a design like this would cater more to the ladies in the audience. Functioning just as much as a fashion accessory as a portable media player, the bracelet-style iPod would make it completely seamless to wear while on the go.

As it wouldn’t be particularly fine to run a wire from your wrist to your head, the design calls for the inclusion of stereo Bluetooth. I find this feature to a little on the wishful thinking side of things, though, seeing how even the iPhone doesn’t do stereo Bluetooth yet. Even so, one can dream.

What makes the iPod Shuffle Bracelet particularly cool is that it would have to have a flexible build and the iPod dock connector could be built right into one end. In keeping with the iPod shuffle mentality, the bracelet variation lacks a display (but it wouldn’t be hard to toss a small curved screen in there).

I wouldn’t buy one myself, but I see how something like this could appeal to the active women on the go.