Microsoft Zune Gets Cheaper, Updated for the Holidays

Microsoft Zune Gets Cheaper, Updated for the Holidays


Are you looking for that perfect gift this holiday season? Before you jump all over the newest iPods, you may want to know that Microsoft has slashed prices across the board for its entire Zune line.

Say what you will about the Zune, but Microsoft has done a reasonably good job with this portable media player. It comes with a number of features that are lacking on the iPod counterparts, like FM radio, Wi-Fi, and the social aspects. The FM radio is a pretty big deal, I’d say.

To better position the touchpad-equipped Zune in the marketplace for this holiday shopping season, Microsoft has reduced the price on the 4GB nano-style Zune down to just $99. Similar price cuts have been made to the 8GB and the 16GB, which are now available for $139 and $179, respectively. I didn’t see anything about the larger 80GB and 120GB models, however.

The new prices can now be found at retailers all across the United States, but Canada will have to wait until Friday to get similar price reductions. Along with the new prices, Microsoft has also sent out the updated Zune version 3.1 software, which offers a number of stability improvements and three free games.

Free games? Reduced price? More stability? The Zune is starting to sound more attractive by the day. I just think it needs integration with an online store that can better compete against iTunes.