Video: Hands-On and Feature Walkthrough of Verizon BlackBerry Storm

Video: Hands-On and Feature Walkthrough of Verizon BlackBerry Storm


The first touchscreen BlackBerry from Research in Motion has arrived at Verizon Wireless, so it’s time to find out if it lives up to all that hype. Has it been worth the wait? How does the touchscreen user interface compared to something like HTC’s TouchFLO 3D or the Apple iPhone 3G?

Well, a great hands-on video has been posted up on the Interwebz and we’re more than happy to share it with you. In the video, the guy walks us through all of the main features on the BlackBerry Storm, running on the Verizon Wireless network. I can’t say for sure, but the Verizon version should be pretty similar to what Canadians are getting through Telus and Bell.

The reviewer walks us through the basic operating system, including the main icons that you can see on the homescreen, how to access the rest of the applications, how to scroll through the menus, and that kind of thing. You will notice that while an 8GB microSDHC card is included in the package, you need to remove the back cover (but not the battery) to access the slot. Wouldn’t a side-mounted memory card slot be more efficient?

Going further, the video will talk about the integrated camera, metal backside, and a few other things. I’m actually pretty impressed with the operating system, making the BlackBerry Storm perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing BlackBerry devices to date. Yes, even more beautiful than the Bold.