Cryptic Message Transmission with Japanese Morse Code Watch

Cryptic Message Transmission with Japanese Morse Code Watch


Before there were picture messages, SMS, or email, there was a little something known as Morse code. Sparking new life into dots and dashes is the Sector Compass Torch watch, a wristbound timepiece that happens to have a knack for Morse code.

Made by Eikowatch of Osaka, the Sector Compass Torch quartz watch doesn’t look to far out of the ordinary from a distance, but get a little closer and you’ll notice all sort of unique features. For starters, the watch face is populated by more than its fair share of dials, but what is all that text near the bottom?

Well, that’s international Morse code for your reference. You may need to refer to this list from time to time, particularly when you make use of the flashlight at the lower-right corner of the watch. This light is used not so much for illuminating a dark area as much as it is for transmitting your dot-and-dash message across the room via Morse code.

The Eikowatch Sector Compass Torch looks like it is pretty well built and it is made from PVD-covered stainless steel. It will survive dips in the pool up to a depth of 50 meters and it is available in your choice of black or silver. Be prepared to fork out a little bit of cash to transmit your Morse code messages, however, as this time-keeping communicator retails for about $620.