Be a Baller with Sapphire Vertu Constellation Cell Phone

Be a Baller with Sapphire Vertu Constellation Cell Phone


Given the recent economic situation, it’s not surprising that some people need to get rid of some luxuries in their lives. As such, you now have an opportunity to nab the super exclusive Vertu Constellation on everyone’s favorite online auction site. Hopping on over to eBay, you’ll discover this greater-than-thou handset on sale and it’ll cost you more than an air-powered car.

Checking out the eBay auction page, you’ll discover that this hot little phone is available for sale for a mere $5600. Pfft, that’s pocket change, right? Go ahead and splurge on this phone, flaunting it in front of your friends who have been losing their family fortunes on Wall Street.

Naturally, the technical specifications are not what sells this phone. You get stuff like 270 hours of standby, GSM quad-band coverage, and a high performance loudspeaker. Aside from the prestige value, the Vertu Constellation also offers aerospace-grade titanium, carbon fibre image leather, and a ceramic keypad. It’s also notable that this phone was completely assembled by hand in England. Machines just don’t offer the same kind of quality as something that is handmade.

If you’ve got an extra $5600 laying around and you don’t know what to do with it, I guess you can go to eBay and buy this phone. However, I highly recommend that you consider investing that cash instead in the Michael Kwan fund for a new car. I’ll be much happier for it.