New AMD Processor Set to Challenge Intel Atom Tomorrow

New AMD Processor Set to Challenge Intel Atom Tomorrow


When the first generation of netbooks hit the market, most manufacturers chose between an Intel Celeron chip and the VIA C7-M processor. With the arrival of Intel Atom, it seemed that nearly everyone jumped on board for this smaller, more efficient CPU. Intel has largely been enjoying a virtual monopoly on the market, but that could change as early as tomorrow.

AMD has always been a direct competitor to Intel and this battle for supremacy is stepping into the netbook arena with an Atom-challenging chip. Based on most reports, AMD will be announcing an “Intel Atom smasher” at a financial analyst meeting tomorrow. The exact specs and details have not yet been announced, but I’m sure that AMD will bring a suitable alternative.

This is based on conjecture, of course, but I’m thinking that AMD will play up the diminutive size, the improved battery life, and the improved performance offered by its chip. There’s also a good chance that AMD will try to price its small CPU at less than the current 1.6GHz Atom.

Naturally, AMD will need to solicit business from the major netbook makers before we see the new processor in the real world in a real application.