Extensive Hands-On Review of T-Mobile G1 and Android OS

Extensive Hands-On Review of T-Mobile G1 and Android OS


Google Android has arrive in the guise of the T-Mobile G1, but how well does this new hardware (and smartphone platform) stack up against the current competition? Will Park of IntoMobile was lucky enough to get his hands on the new sliding touchscreen smartphone, providing the world with possibly one of the most comprehensive T-Mobile G1 reviews posted to date.

Going through his review, we are reminded that the T-Mobile G1 is actually manufactured by the good people at HTC, a Taiwanese firm that is highly respected for its quality Windows Mobile handsets. By and large, Will agrees that the G1 stands up to these high standards, appreciating the Push Gmail, speedy user interface, minimal lag, QWERTY keyboard, full HTML web browser, and the capacitance-based glass touchscreen.

The T-Mobile G1 is far from perfect, of course. Park goes on to admonish the lack of an on-screen virtual keyboard (you have to slide open the QWERTY keyboard to do any kind of text entry), the weak backlight on the physical keyboard, the “less than stellar” indoor 3G reception, and the relatively poor battery life. I guess that last part plagues all of these kinds of super-functional smartphones, because the iPhone 3G runs into its problems too. That’s what you get for running 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Setup is remarkably easy, because all you have to do is enter your Google account information and it’ll automatically sync up with your Gmail, contacts, calendar, and so on. In Park’s own words, “setting up the T-Mobile G1 was no harder than logging in to a Gmail account – literally.”

All in all, the T-Mobile G1 earned a grade of four stars out of a five. I’d say that’s a pretty good freshman effort.