VOID Watches Offer Geek Chic without Geek Tech

VOID Watches Offer Geek Chic without Geek Tech


For the longest time, the ultimate in geek watches would have to be the calculator watch from Casio. The guys from VOID watches approached a similar shape and style, but there’s something notable missing from their fashionable timepieces. There’s no calculator.

Designed by David Ericsson of Sweden, the VOID Watches are a definite slant toward the geekier end of the spectrum, but it does not come with any sort of higher-end technology or wicked functionality. It tells the time and it does so through a digital clock. Geeks only think in digital, right?

You may be wondering why the digital clock display only takes up half of the face of the watch. Well, the “bold face design” is partially populated by a stainless plate, taking up half of that space. Why would Ericsson do this? Well, the dichotomy between the digital clock and the stainless face “could represent the duality of life.”

Wait. A spiritual minded geek? The designers go on to say that this duality could be “like the yin and yang, the past and the future, love and hate, right or wrong.” This is clearly a departure from the push toward convergence.

Available in four bold color schemes (black, silver, gray, or gold), VOID V.01 digital watch comes with a sticker price of $185. That includes worldwide shipping, but you may want to act fast as production is limited to 500 units each. More info can be found at VoidWatches.com.