T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Has Been Jailbroken

T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Has Been Jailbroken


Even though Google Android is supposed to be an open source platform, there are still a few restrictions put in place on the T-Mobile G1. Those restrictions have now been alleviated by the community of online enthusiasts.

Yes, it took quite some time for people to hack their way through the Apple iPhone, but that’s largely because the operating system on the Jesus Phone is much more closed off than Android. Because Android is a little more accessible to developers, the online community has managed to take the T-Mobile G1 and take it into jailbreak territory. Yay!

Now that the HTC-sourced T-Mobile G1 has been jailbroken, what can we expect? Well, they say that the jailbreaking process offers full system access with full read and write functionality. In this way, I don’t think it’ll be long before people try loading emulators on this thing so that it can run other operating systems like Symbian, Linux, or Windows Mobile.

The guys at ModMyGphone.com describe the unlocking process as thus:

  1. Turn on WiFi in the G1 (Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi). Make sure you’re connected to a network.
  2. Start up PTerminal (search in the Market) and you’ll get a prompt once its launched.
  3. Enter cd system and hit Enter.
  4. Enter cd bin and hit Enter.
  5. Enter telnetd and hit Enter. You’ve now started telnet on your G1.
  6. Enter netstat and hit Enter. You’ll now see your G1’s IP address. You can also find this in the Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi > and click on your network you’re connected to. It will show you your IP.
  7. Start up Terminal on your OS X machine, or bring up a command prompt on your Windows box. Type telnet [your.ip.address.we.just.found] and hit Enter/Return. So, if your IP was, you’d type telnet and hit Enter/Return.
  8. You are logged in as root now. To remount the system file as read write, type mount -oremount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system from the Terminal/Command Prompt and hit Enter/Return.

Huge leaps toward full Android and G1 customization are bound to follow. Good days ahead, folks. Good days ahead.