Sony Brings Blu-ray Technology to New CDs?

Sony Brings Blu-ray Technology to New CDs?


Watching a movie on a Blu-ray Disc is certainly more enjoyable than a regular DVD, and now Sony wants to bring the same kind of enjoyment to audio CDs as well. Using the same Blu-ray technology underpinning movie discs and PS3 games is a new audio CD that offers higher sound quality.

Dubbed the Blu-spec CD, this new disc standard makes use of a new structure of some kind. New machines are used to manufacture the discs and the resulting master CDs are said to be of higher quality. The copies of the master disc, not surprisingly, are better too.

While your regular DVD drive can’t handle Blu-ray Discs, Sony says that the new Blu-spec CD will be backwards compatible with existing conventional CD players. This means that you won’t have to invest in a whole new set of hardware for your home theatre or car stereo, though I imagine that you will need new hardware to take full advantage of the new benefits.

Considering that more and more people are moving toward digital delivery, I don’t know if going with a new disc media for the music industry is such a bright idea. People are growing accustomed to using services like iTunes for their music, so why would they fork out the extra money for a hopped-up CD? Can you even tell the difference on a relatively inexpensive stereo system?

The first set of Blu-spec CDs are expected to his Japanese streets on Christmas Eve. Sony will have discs with classical music, Aerosmith, Miles Davis, and more. MSRP on a music Blu-spec CD is about $25.