Feature: Protecting the iPod touch with Griffin Cases

Feature: Protecting the iPod touch with Griffin Cases


When Apple hosted the Let’s Rock event a while ago, we saw the introduction of the fourth-generation iPod nano and the refreshed iPod touch. While a lot of companies quickly jumped at the opportunity to create a variety of cases for the new nano, not as many have been paying attention to the new touch. Then again, you can always rely on Griffin to come through on that front.

Designed specifically for the new iPod touch are a number of protective iPod cases from Griffin Technology. All of these still provide full access to the large touchscreen display, but they also protect the rest of the portable media player in a number of different ways. I have three of them here, so let’s see what they have to offer.

Nu Form

While I am personally a fan of the soft silicone-style cases for my portable music players, other people may prefer the stiff plastic offered by the Nu Form. This hard-shell case for the iPod touch is impact-resistant and it actually comes apart into two convenient pieces.

In this way, it’s mostly possible to keep the iPod touch protected when it comes time to place it in a speaker system or charging dock. The bottom half of the hard shell slides off to provide easy access to the dock connector.

Also included in the box is a small cleaning cloth and a clear static peel screen protector. This is because there is no “hard” protection for the screen itself, obviously, as you still need touch access to navigate through the menus and organize your music. The Nu Form case retails for $24.99.


For the more active types, Griffin has the AeroSport. This combines a protective case for the 2nd-gen iPod touch with an armband. This is great for runners, walkers, and for working out at the gym. The armband is made of super-wicking stretch fabric, so it should hold tight while still leading your beads of sweat permeate through.

The iPod case itself is detachable from the armband, so you don’t have to have the iPod touch attached to your arm if you want the added protection. Without the armband, the AeroSport can also be attached to a belt or strap using the provided clip. There’s also a removable cord wrap to minimize tangles.

While the entire front face is protected with clear plastic, you can still navigate through the menus. The AeroSport is also available for the iPod classic and the new iPod nano. It’s listed at $29.99.


Last, but certainly not least, is the iClear. This case has been designed specifically for people who still want to fully enjoy the beauty of the Apple product beneath the protective casing. Said to offer invisible polycarbonate protection, the iClear is completely transparent and unobtrusive. The polycarbonate is tough, protecting your iPod from small drops, bumps, and scratches.

Included with the iClear is a static peel screen protector and premium cleaning cloth. Much like the AeroSport, the iClear is also available with an armband in case you want to take your iPod for a jog around the block. The iClear is simple, but effective.

Winner of the iLounge.com Best of the Year Award, the iClear sells for $19.99 to $29.99.