Sprint Nabbing CDMA Version of Palm Treo Pro?

Sprint Nabbing CDMA Version of Palm Treo Pro?


It’s undeniable that the Palm Treo Pro is the most attractive Treo smartphone to date and it seems that Sprint agrees. Poking around on the Sprint website, there is definite mention of the QWERTY-packing Windows Mobile smartphone, pointing toward the pending launch of the handset in the near future.

It’s not really all that surprising to find a CDMA version of this phone. The Palm Treo line has long since been offered in a CDMA guise and HTC, the actual manufacturer of this handset, dabbles in CDMA as well with phones like the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

For now, there is no official page on the Sprint website for the Palm Treo Pro, but it does pop up as part of a product drop-down menu.