Mammoth Nine-Cell Battery for MSI Wind

Mammoth Nine-Cell Battery for MSI Wind


The whole point of a netbook is that it can offer nearly the same experience as a real laptop in a much smaller package. I’m not really sure if this borders on nullifying the size advantage, but here is a huge nine-cell battery for the MSI Wind.

As you know, the measly three-cell battery on the Wind provides a paltry two or three hours of uninhibited surfing time. The slightly larger six-cell can get you into the four or five hour range. According to people who have invested in this nine-cell battery, you can now enjoy over 6.5 hours of life.

The other added advantage to going with a nine-cell battery like this is that it also works as a desk stand of sorts, propping up the backside for a more ergonomic typing angle and providing an envelope of air under the netbook for better cooling. The made-in-China battery retails for about $115 on eBay.