Go Ahead and Load 6GB of RAM into New MacBooks

Go Ahead and Load 6GB of RAM into New MacBooks


RAM lovers have got some good news and some bad news in this story. The good news? It has now been confirmed that the latest generation of MacBooks and MacBook Pros have no trouble handling up to six gigabytes of RAM. The bad news? Stuffing eight gigs in there “throws OSX into fits, making it unstable for actual use.”

As you may have heard, the new notebooks from Apple havea couple of slots for RAM and each of these can theoretically support RAM sticks of up to 4GB each. This adds up to 8GB, but as mentioned, you can’t put 4GB into both slots. Instead, OS X can only play nice with a single 4GB stick. You can, however, occupy the other slot with a 2GB stick.

Also, while it’s possible to get 6GB of RAM into your new MacBook or MacBook Pro, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. A single 4GB module from Ramjet runs a cool $600.