Dismantled T-Mobile G1 Reveals BlackBerry Secret

Dismantled T-Mobile G1 Reveals BlackBerry Secret


You’ve probably found your fair share of T-Mobile G1 reviews and hands-on sessions by now, but have you been able to take a gander at its circuit-filled innards? The guys from TechOn got pretty brave, ripping the Android smartphone apart so that they could get a better look at its inner workings.

It was a seemingly straightforward process until they discovered that two of the chassis screws refused to be undone. Forcing the casing apart, they then found no fewer than two little secrets. First, the trackball used by HTC in the T-Mobile G1 is the same one that RIM uses for its BlackBerry handhelds.

Second, this Android phone comes with not one, but two vibration motors, offering extra jiggles to its owners. One of the motors is placed by the screen and the other is by the keyboard. This way, no matter how you are holding the phone, you’ll feel the vibration.