Video: Ford SmartGauge Makes 2010 Hybrids Even Prettier

Video: Ford SmartGauge Makes 2010 Hybrids Even Prettier


As you may already know, the Toyota Prius hybrid comes with an interesting dashboard that displays all sorts of fuel economy and electric motor information. That’s part of the novelty of the car, beyond its green tendencies. Ford plans on taking a similar approach with its 2010 line of hybrids.

When the new Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid roll out in 2010, they will come equipped with a new Ford SmartGauge instrument panel. A conventional speedometer occupies the center, but it is flanked on either side by video screens shown your EcoGuide. How are you using that power? What’s your current MPG? You know, that kind of stuff.

It’s clear that the Ford Motor Company is working hard to innovate with new technology (like the SYNC system) and the SmartGauge instrument panel is the latest in this emerging trend. Check out the demo video below.