One-Seg Digital TV Arrives on Apple iPhone 3G

One-Seg Digital TV Arrives on Apple iPhone 3G


The iPhone is home to a lot of fantastic multimedia. You can use it to surf the web, listen to music, and watch videos. And now you can enjoy great mobile television as well… if you go to Japan.

Softbank Mobile has announced the release of a One-Seg digital TV tuner for the iPhone. Because One-Seg requires a somewhat sizable antenna to work properly, there is a peripheral involved. Thankfully (or unfortunately), this peripheral does not attach directly to the iPhone. Instead, it is a separate unit that communicates with the Jesus phone over WiFi.

The digital TV signal is converted into IP-based data, which can then be viewed on the iPhone through a free One-Seg application. You can also use the 80 gram One-Seg device as a battery extender for your iPhone.