Best Buy Sells Unlocked Nokia N96 for $800

Best Buy Sells Unlocked Nokia N96 for $800


Happen to have an extra $800 lying around and don’t know what to do with it? Maybe you should wander over to the local Best Buy and nab a Nokia N96 smartphone. It’s unlocked, not connected to any carrier in particular, and is ready for all of your multimedia pleasures.

It seems that Best Buy Mobile has recently picked up the latest hotness to come out of Finland. As you recall, the Nokia N96 comes equipped with 16GB of internal memory, a dual-slider design, 5 megapixel Zeiss camera, and Symbian S60 FP2. The N96 is apparently out in the open too, so feel free to fondle the display unit.

If Symbian and QWERTY-less styling isn’t your cup of tea, you can blow your $800 at CompUSA for an unlocked BlackBerry Bold instead.