Alcatel OT-I650 Shakes Things Up with Accelerometer

Alcatel OT-I650 Shakes Things Up with Accelerometer


Alcatel is a company that largely focuses on the enterprise market and that’s why the majority of its handsets are smartphones for corporate types. Despite this pedigree, the Alcatel OT-I650 really has nothing to do with Wall Street guys in business suits. Instead, it’s an entry-level phone with consumer-minded ambitions.

There’s no touchscreen, no QWERTY keyboard, no smartphone operating system. Instead, the Alcatel OT-I650 is targeting active folks with its inclusion of a G-sensor accelerometer. Switching between applications is done by shaking the phone, so you may want to disable this function when you go for your morning jog.

It’s also notable that Alcatel turn to TCL Communication Technology of China as its OEM for the OT-I650, instead of relying on its French production plant. Does this speak to its quality too?