Video: SNES Controller Used to Play with PSP

Video: SNES Controller Used to Play with PSP


Casting aside the legal ramifications of running an SNES emulator on the PSP for a moment, don’t you think it would be great to use an actual SNES controller? Yes, the PSP has the four face buttons and a couple of trigger buttons, just like the SNES controller, but the d-pad is notoriously bad for fighting games.

By contrast, the Super Nintendo controller was almost perfect for that purpose. I remember spending hours on end playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat on that thing. Well, it seems that you can relive that experience, because someone has managed to install a socket on the back of his PSP that accepts the SNES controller.

Seeing how the newer PSPs have TV-out as well, I see no reason (other than the legal) why you can’t use your PSP like a super portable SNES, complete with the correct controller. Very nice. I like.