More Colors for the iPod shuffle

More Colors for the iPod shuffle


At Apple’s Let’s Rock event a while ago, the iPod lineup got a big of an extreme makeover. The iPod nano stole the show with its “new” form factor and the iPod touch get treated to some new features as well. Somehow, the iPod shuffle got lost in the mix. Yeah, it got shafted.

Paying a little more attention to the smallest iPod in the lineup, Apple has now decided to provide an update to the iPod shuffle. Is it getting smaller? Gaining a display? Nabbing more memory? Nope. Just more colors.

As you can see through the provided image, the clip-happy iPod shuffle can now be purchased in your choice of blue, green, red, or pink. Great. Everything else stays the same, so the 1GB goes for $49 and the 2GB goes for $69.