HP Mini 1000 Series Netbooks Officially Announced

HP Mini 1000 Series Netbooks Officially Announced


The HP Mini-Note 2133 has been available for quite some time, so HP has now introduced the new Mini 1000 series to expand its netbook market penetration.

The most notable difference between the HP Mini 1000 and the Mini-Note 2133 is the processor. The latter got VIA’s C7-M, whereas the former jumps onto the Intel Atom bandwagon. Key features on the Mini 1000 series include an 8.9-inch or 10-inch LED backlit display, 92% full keyboard, WiFi, 3G support, 3-cell battery, and up to 1GB of RAM. Storage comes from your choice of an 8GB SSD, 16GB SSD, or a 60GB 1.8-inch HDD.

Three primary variations will be offered at launch. There’s the Mini 1000 for consumers, the Linux-based Mobile Internet Experience (MIE) edition for surfers, and the Vivienne Tam edition for fashionistas. Prices start at $379, but the Vivienne Tam starts at $699.