Asus EeePhone Coming Next Year, Powered by Android

Asus EeePhone Coming Next Year, Powered by Android


HTC isn’t the only company that knows a thing or two about making Android-powered smartphones, because everyone’s favorite netbook-maker is entering the Google market as well. Yup, from the same people that brought you the Asus Eee PC comes an EeePhone. I wonder if they’ll change that name.

Now, it’s not like Asus is completely new to the smartphone market. It’s already got a series of Windows Mobile handsets and Asus even has its own branded UI for WinMo. The jump to Android may replace or supplement the Windows Mobile business. We’re not sure.

We’re also not sure if this is even for real, because Asus has yet to confirm (or deny) these rumors. As it stands, people are saying that the Android-powered Asus Eee Phone will be ready for the first half of next year.