Unlocked BlackBerry Bold Retails for $800

Unlocked BlackBerry Bold Retails for $800


Can’t wait for AT&T to finally release this QWERTY-packing smartphone? Head on over to CompUSA where you will discover an unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9000. That’s the good news. The bad news will show up on your credit card statement.

That’s because CompUSA is selling the unlocked Bold for a whopping $799.99. Ouch! Yes, there is a certain premium to be paid when you invest in a cell phone without a contract and without being locked to a single provider, but $800 is a bit much for a phone that can be had for hundreds and hundreds less with a contract.

Then again, if you are totally bent on getting an unlocked BlackBerry Bold, you may want to consider Best Buy instead. Over in the sea of blue and yellow, you can find the Bold 9000 for $679.99.