Sell Your Broken Xbox 360 to RadioShack for $10

Sell Your Broken Xbox 360 to RadioShack for $10


I imagine that you’d be able to get more value by just selling your crapped-out electronics for parts, but maybe it’s just not worth the trouble. RadioShack is once again offering gift cards in exchange for your old broken gadgetry.

Dubbed the RadioShack Online Trade-In Program, the idea is that you can send your busted, broken, and otherwise nonfunctional and non-useful electronics for a gift card that can then be redeemed for functional gadgetry. Unfortunately, the trade-in values are pretty deplorable.

You’ll get $3.23 for a 3G iPod (10GB), $5.81 for a first-gen Zune, $3.69 for a Palm Treo 650, $4.25 for a DS Lite, $15.85 for a Wii, $23.48 for a 60GB PS3, and $9.65 for an Xbox 360 Premium. Ugh. I guess a couple bucks is better than a broken gadget collecting dust.