Q4: Bell Mobility Getting Plans with Rollover Minutes

Q4: Bell Mobility Getting Plans with Rollover Minutes


To my knowledge, this is the first time that a Canadian cellular provider is offering monthly plans that include rollover minutes. It’s about freaking time.

There’s word going around that Bell Mobility and Solo Mobile will both launch monthly plans with rollover minutes in Q4 2008. Seeing how the Canadian market seems to operate, it won’t be long before this practice trickles through to Telus, Fido, and Rogers too.

All of the rollover plans include unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 9pm. The $30 and $40 plans from Bell will offer 300 and 600 minutes respectively. You can move up to $45 for 400 minutes and email, $55 for 700 minutes and email, $60 for 400 minutes and unlimited data, or $70 for 700 minutes and unlimited data.

One of the cooler plans from Solo Mobile is $60 a month for 150 (per-second) minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, 2500 SMS, unlimited personal email, unlimited BlackBerry Messenger, and unlimited on-device browsing.