BlackBerry Bold Contains Only $169.41 Worth of Parts

BlackBerry Bold Contains Only $169.41 Worth of Parts


Yes, I know that these kinds of cost breakdowns are a little misleading, but they do provide a glimpse into exactly how much money Research in Motion makes with each Bold that lands in the hands of the end user.

Tallying up all the little itsy-bitsy parts that go into the construction of the BlackBerry Bold, we come at a measly total of just $169.41. This is according to iSuppli, which took at a look at all the components. The most costly part was the $34.34 processor from Marvell. The camera is less than 10 bucks and the Samsung-sourced display is $16.

To put this into perspective, the Apple iPhone 3G costs about $174 worth of parts. I wonder how the R&D costs would break down.