Apple iPhone Getting Microsoft Office Documents To Go

Apple iPhone Getting Microsoft Office Documents To Go


When the first Apple iPhone hit the market, it was largely targeted at the consumer market. When the iPhone 3G came along, it added Exchange support and some other doo-dahs that made it little more business-friendly. Well, it’s about to take the next leap.

While the iPhone 3G is still lacking in the copy-and-paste department, it will soon be able to create, edit, and send a variety of Microsoft Office files via Documents To Go. You may recognize the Documents to Go name from its BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, and Symbian incarnations and now it’s getting ready for the iPhone too.

This provides full support for native Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and attachments. This includes the 2007 versions. The iPhone isn’t quite trading in its long-sleeved tee and jeans for a three-piece suit just yet, but it’s certainly adding a few things to its wardrobe.