Cell Phone Insurance Sold by Bell Mobility

Cell Phone Insurance Sold by Bell Mobility


Every time that I buy something from Future Shop or Best Buy, the sales associate tries to get me to buy their purchase protection plan. Sure, my newly acquired Guitar Hero World Tour comes with a factory warranty, but it can be a pain going through that shipping process if something goes awry.

Interestingly, we are largely not offered the same kind of protection when we invest in a new cell phone. Bell Mobility is changing that with the introduction of Smart/Phone Care. In effect, Bell is the first cellular carrier to offer phone insurance.

This insurance, which you pay on a monthly basis, covers you against unforeseen damage and defects. The $7/month Premium plan covers defective parts, normal wear and tear, accidental damage, loss, and theft. The $4/month Plus plan only covers defects due to parts and workmanship.

Oh, and before you try and score a bunch of free phones, note that there is a $50 replacement charge for a regular handset and $150 replacement fee for smartphones. Considering how much you pay over the course of a three-year contract, plus the replacement charge, this phone insurance doesn’t seem worth it to me.