Apple Fails at the Environment

Apple Fails at the Environment


Steve Jobs and the crew in Cupertino have been stressing that they love Mother Nature and they’re doing what they can to help this lovely planet of ours. Unfortunately, it seems like Apple isn’t quite following through on its environmental promises. This is not very nature-friendly at all.

As you may remember, Apple recently issued a recall on the USB power adapter that comes with its Apple iPhone. While it was possible to waltz into your local Apple Store to pick up a replacement, they were sometimes out of stock. As a result, several people opted to have the replacement USB power adapter sent through the mail.

The adapter is a very small item, but check out the size of the box that it comes in. This is in addition to all the unnecessary packaging and stuff that is found inside the box. How exactly is this environmentally-friendly, Steve?

UPDATE: Apparently, the way that these boxes are green is that Apple reuses them over and over again. You use the same box to send back your recalled power adapter and then Apple can use the box again to send replacement hard drives and other items. Thanks to Michael Yurechko for the heads up.