Samsung Working on 12 Megapxiel Camera Phone

Samsung Working on 12 Megapxiel Camera Phone


Who said camera phones don’t cut the mustard when compared to standalone digital cameras? Oh yeah, that was me. Well, it seems that time’s are a-changing, because Samsung is pushing the limit with a couple of newer developments.

First off, Samsung Techwin and Samsung Electro-Mechanics say that they’ve already created 8 megapixel camera modules with 3x optical zoom and these modules will be implemented into cell phones starting early next year. It’s also got autofocus and supports F2.85.

The bigger story perhaps is that Samsung is also working on a 12 megapixel camera module for cell phones and this module is actually smaller than the 8 megapixel one. Can you imagine taking 12 megapixel photos with your phone? I hope you have a huge memory card!