Apple: Honesty is the Best Policy?

Apple: Honesty is the Best Policy?


We’ve all experienced some customer service nightmares in our day and it’s still hard to figure out what is the best way to deal with them. According to one iPhone user, the best way to approach Apple for customer service is to be as honest as possible. reader Conrad recently had the unfortunate experience of dropping his iPhone 3G. The handset remained functional, but the screen took on a very nasty crack. He called Rogers to see what they could do and the cellular provider said that it would be $300 to replace the 16GB iPhone. That was more than what Conrad wanted to pay.

So, he walked on over to his local Apple Store and explained the situation to the rep. He didn’t make up some elaborate story on how the crack got there; he was just honest about the accidental drop. Well, the Apple Genius said that while there is normally a $340 replacement charge, he was willing to waive that for Conrad just this once.

Seems like it pays to be honest. Or to buy Apple products.