Musical Toque Keeps Your Head Warm and Bobbing

Musical Toque Keeps Your Head Warm and Bobbing


The winter months are upon us. Maybe you’ve started digging through the closet to rediscover your old scarf and gloves, but what about keeping that head warm? In an effort to not only keep your head nice and warm, but also to keep you mildly entertained at the freezing bus stop is the iLogic Sound Hat.

As a Canadian, I call this a toque (or a touque). My Australian friends will refer to it a beanie. Whatever you want to call it, this (100% polyester) head covering allows you to ditch your standard set of headphones, because it’s got a set of built-in headphones. This is probably more comfortable than trying to fit your toque on top of your regular earphones.

Naturally, the iLogic Sound Hat uses a standard 3.5mm audio connection, so you can use it with just about any MP3 player (or portable gaming machine) that you’d like. It retails for $28.