Inno Offers New MP3 Players on the Cheap

Inno Offers New MP3 Players on the Cheap


For whatever reason, you may find that the new iPod nano is a little too pricey for your tastes and you just want something a little cheaper. That’s where the new S1 and S2 from Inno come into play.

While they’re not quite ready for the dollar store just yet, these portable media players are probably among the more affordable options on the market. The Inno S2 is the one on the left. In addition to tunes, it’ll also do 30fps videos. Price has been set at $82.

If you’re not into videos, you can save more money and grab the Inno S1, in the center, for $52. Both of these feature FM radio, a voice recorder, photo/text viewer, and a soft rubber exterior. There’s no mention of the player on the right, but I imagine it’s more of the same. The Inno S1 and S2 launch this Saturday.